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Blogging Expenses- Where To Spend

Blogging Expenses- Where To Spend


I had no idea starting a blog came with such an expense. Here is where you should invest your money and when.

Your Brand

So you’ve heard it once, or you’ve heard it a million times your blog is YOUR brand and you need to set yourself apart from the rest. You also need to be recognizable and consistent through your website and all media platforms. Nothing reflects that more then a logo. This should be one of your first investments so everything is consistent from day one.

Your Website

Yes you can have a blog that looks like everyone else’s or you can set yourself apart. There are so many design options outside of Word Press, and companies that sell them, that are still compatible with Word Press. If you really want to splurge you can also hire a private design company to do it for you. Purchasing a special design template should be done in your beginning stages of blogging, just make sure it’s something you’re going to keep up with as these can come with a price tag of $100+.

A Camera Yes stock photos still attract a great audience but these days the same ones seem to be popular and there’s nothing worse when your trying to set yourself apart from everyone else then having the same pictures as them. If just starting out its OK to be using your smart phone, especially with all the editing tools out there. But if you really want to take your blog to the next level invest in a more professional camera.

My Camera of choice?


What are some of your bigger investments you found helped your blog/website out the most?

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