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Easy Weekly Beauty Schedule


Sometimes, it’s hard to stay on top of looking your best and taking care of yourself. Between work, family, running a home, trying to have some sort of a social life, and finding time to eat more than one full meal a day, keeping yourself in tip-top shapes tends to take a back seat.

Here is a super easy to follow, weekly beauty routine that is sure to help you look and feel your best in no time.


  • A.M- Put on these OR these hydrating eye patches to erase any last signs of fatigue from the weekend
  • P.M- Dry brush your whole body
  • P.M- Take a 20-minute detox bath – I LOVE this brand bath soak to really help get the toxins out  (be sure to drink extra water throughout the day!)


  • A.M- Shampoo/ Condition your hair (Allure Best of Beauty Winners at a great deal HERE!)
  •  A.M- Blow it out, using this amazing dryer, so it’s ready for the rest of the work week
  • P.M – Get, or give yourself, a manicure, add a pedicure once a month while you’re at it
  • P.M- Do a lite at home face peel, this one is my favorite EVER!


  • A.M- Give yourself a quick 3-minute moisturizing face mask
  • P.M- Spend twenty minutes giving yourself a light therapy treatment, this light is amazing for acne prone skin, and this light is AMAZING for anti-aging
  • P.M- Go to bed with a lite face oil on


  • A.M- Put on a fifteen -minute moisturizing face mask (I LOVE the jelly consistency of this one! Plus it stays put!)
  • P.M- Exfoliate your whole body
  • P.M- Put on self-tanner just in time for the weekend festivities (THIS ONE is an all time favorite)
  • P.M- Go to sleep with an overnight hair repair mask in, this one is EVERYTHING!! Seriously if I could just use ONE for the rest of my life it’s THIS ONE!


  • A.M- Wash off the self-tanner and the hair mask from the night before
  • A.M- Blowout your hair with the best hairdryer EVER
  • P.M- After a night out in your heels put on a hydrating foot mask


  • A.M- Reach for these hydrating eye patches, especially if you had a glass to many last night
  • A.M- Dry brush your whole body
  • A.M- Take a relaxing 40-minute detox bath (hey it is Saturday)
  • P.M- Sleep with a luxurious face cream on, this one takes the cake for anti-aging


  • A.M- Sleep in girlfriend! We do need our beauty rest after all!
  • A.M- Spend 20 minutes giving your face and neck a light therapy session
  • P.M- After a weekend of fun (and possibly a Sunday brunch day) it’s time to detox our pores with this face mask (by far my favorite face mask for clearing up pores!)
  • P.M- Put on a detoxifying body wrap, it will help make you feel so revived and ready to take on the long week ahead

What are some of your weekly beauty rituals that make you feel awesome? Did you try any of ours? Let us know in the comment section below and tweet us some of your favorites!

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  1. February 7, 2018 / 9:41 AM

    Lovely post! Lost of great tips and ideas to incorporate into my routine.