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How I Got Even More Organized


One of our most popular posts on I’m Done Being Selfish is “How I Finally Got More Organized” so today we are writing a continuation of that post for even more tips and tricks to help with your home organization!

1. De-cluttering is a HUGE part of getting organized, if you need some help this book has changed my life! I’ve recently learned that de-cluttering to donate usually makes things much easier to part with. When you have double or triple of something in your kitchen draws ( I organize my draws with these) or something has been sitting in your closet for months or even years without being worn donate it! There are so many people out there less fortunate then you that could really use items we often don’t think twice about.

2. Reevaluate your closet every three months. This leaves plenty of time to look over where your wardrobes is currently at and what you might need or have too much of. It also gives you some time to think about the upcoming season and take an inventory of what you have and what needs to be purchased. If you don’t love it don’t keep it! Ask yourself; if you were in a store right now would you take this item off the rack and purchase it? If not then get rid of it. Having a cluttered wardrobe with pieces we feel whatever about leads to that awful feeling of having “nothing to wear”.

3. It’s often easier to reevaluate our closets when we know there is a possibility something might come from it. There is a whole community of people online buying one another’s new or gently used clothes, jewelry, accessories, and even makeup. This community is known as Poshmark and if you haven’t been on what are you waiting for? Poshmark has over 5,000 brands at up to 70% off! Use code JDKXL when you sign up for $5 off your first purchase!

4. When I go through my closet I always put off-season items neatly in labeled bins. I don’t have a large closet and looking at tank tops hanging in front of me while its snowing outside is not going to help me get dressed any quicker. I like these bins for accessable storage and these bins along with these are helpful for everything from storing off-season clothes/accessory to storing seasonal décor and no storage is complete without labels. This label maker has helped me organize my entire house from bathroom draws, to office folders.

5. One daily chore that can help keep clutter at bay and help to keep your life more organized is cleaning out your bag everyday or week and keeping it organized. That loose change sliding around and those old gum wrappers can get pretty frustrating after they’ve piled up a bit, especially when your in a rush and you go to change bags only to find the clutch you wanted to wear filled with old receipts and the bronzer you were looking for.

We hope these tips helped! If you want more organizing tips and tricks comment down below! And be sure to check out “How I Finally Got More Organized”.


( This post contains affiliate links, which means we might earn a percentage of a sale if you click a linked product, this in no way effects you! It just helps us to keep I’m Done Being Selfish’s doors open )




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