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How I’ve Made THOUSANDS On Poshmark



My life changed drastically when my husband lost his business. I’ll never forget rummaging through my closet for anything that had a Nordstrom sticker on it and sending back all my new spring wardrobe pieces to Revolve. It was all very humbling to say the least but not the best feeling in the world by any means. For the things that didn’t have return stickers on them, could no longer be returned, or items that were just out of my wordrobe rotation I turned to Poshmark. (Sign up for Poshmark here with invite code “BEAUTYQUEEN242” to automatically earn $5 just for signing up!)

Check out our July 2019 update down below that has all the things I use to make shipping  a total breeze!

Poshmark is an app where people buy and sell their new and gently used items, mostly clothing and accessories to other people online, or in the Poshmark community for cold hard cash. Poshmark is the #1 app to buy and sell fashion, featuring over 5,000 brands at up to 70% off!

Visit my Poshmark closet HERE!

Best winter beauty products #125

Poshmark helped me to make over $2,816.00 cash in just over two months! It’s definitely a little more time consuming then it might seem but here are some tips and tricks I learned along the way that can help you be successful on Poshmark too!

  1. Brand name pieces sell- Try cleaning out your closet and listing the items that are name brand first. If your not sure which ones to start with look into the “Posh Parties” that are hosted each day, they will usually have themes related to certain brands, these certain brands are some of the more popular brands being bought/sold on Poshmark.
  2. Take great pictures- Your pictures are really what sell your product. Make sure your pictures are bright and clear. I always take my pictures in my phones camera app then I edit it (not too drastically though!) usually just turning up the brightness and then I pick those pictures when making my listing. The more pictures each listing has the better.
  3. The more listings the better- Usually the more listings you have in your “closet” the more legitimate shoppers will find your account to be so the more comfortable they will feel purchasing from you. Also the more listings you have the more likely people are to come across your closet and follow you!
  4. Follow people, they will usually follow you back- Just like all other social media sites the more you follow and interact with other peoples closets the more likely they will follow yours. You can also quickly grow your following more quickly by sharing other people’s listings. More often then not if you share someone’s listing they will share one of yours back exposing you to their audience.
  5. Always add something extra- When someone purchases something from my closet I make sure to wrap it in colorful tissue paper, write them a thank you note, and always add a free beauty sample to their purchase.
  6. Don’t put up wrinkled items- This tip I’ve learned from being a consumer on Poskmark. I HATE seeing people post items they are trying to sell in horrible condition. Prep your item before taking a picture don’t just grab it from the bottom of a draw, lay it flat, and take a picture especially when its wrinkled!


how to pack #82 packing im done being selfish

If you put some time and a little bit of effort into cleaning out your closet, taking pretty photos, and writing detailed descriptions you too can make over $2,800 in just nine weeks from items just sitting in your closet!

Sign up for Poshmark here with invite code “BEAUTYQUEEN242” to automatically earn $5 just for signing up!


July 2019 Update-

DON’T FORGET THIS! – The most important thing, I usually buy three at a time!

THESE are the envelopes I use to ship most beauty products.

THESE are the shipping envelopes I use to ship most clothing  (how cute!).

THIS is the pretty filling I use to stuff my packages and add a little sparkle.

THESE are the shipping labels that have made shipping from home SO EASY!

THIS is the super cute compact printer that fits on my desk perfectly!


Check out my personal Poshmark closet HERE! I will be posting a lot more items soon so be sure to like some of my listings to flag my page and keep checking back! If you share some of my listings I’ll totally return the favor and share some of yours!

Do you have any experience with Poshmark and have any tips you’d like to share? Let us know below or comment on Facebook!

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(This post contains affiliate links, which means we earn a commission of sales and/or clicks on linked product, however all opinions on all products are our own, and in no way effect you; It just helps us to keep I’m Done Being Selfish’s doors open.)




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  1. January 29, 2019 / 4:34 PM

    What kind of beauty samples do you include in your shipments? And where do you get them?
    This was a great post!

  2. July 1, 2019 / 12:52 AM

    Thank you for the tips! For a year I put off signing up on Poshmark. It was so intimidating!!! I started out on Mercari, which I have done pretty decent on considering what I’ve sold and the age of the clothing. I finally signed up for Poshmark a week ago; I have 40 listings and 2,728 followers and I follow 2,455 so far. I am very surprised I haven’t made a sale. On Mercari I made my 1st sale with 15 mins of posting my 1st item. Since I have signed up on Mercari I still find it intimidating. You have to really work yohr tail off getting followers, following others, and sharing just to get your items seen. And there is so much to learn. I still can’t figure out how to style someone or make a bundle. I still have a lot of my own items, I mainly have girl clothes, still to post. On Posh i started with clothes my attorney gave me and i cant believe theybhavent sold. So any tips on how to price, where to look up what to sale for?