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How To Get A Jumpstart On The Holidays


It’s that time of year again, Macy’s is already decorated, some Black Friday sales have already started, and Santa is at a mall near you. This year instead of the holidays hitting you like a brick wall, plan accordingly so you can relax and enjoy them this year.

Here are six ways to bring in the holidays with no stress-

  1. Get your home in order- It all starts with a clean organized home (THIS book is super helpful!). How can you start bringing in all those gifts and holiday decorations if what you have is already taking up to much space, this is a great time of year to donate old jackets and sweaters from your closet, or go through your cabinets and donate to a food pantry. Also be sure to pack up all your Fall decorations before bringing your Christmas decorations in.
  2. Sign up for a meal delivery program- With all the trees to trim and gifts to buy who has time for food shopping? Plus the grocery stores are extra packed this time of year. Sign up for a service like Blue Apron or Chef’d.
  3. Get your Etsy orders in- I love Etsy during the holidays. It’s a great way to send a little something personal to friends to let them know you are thinking of them. Just keep in mind it is prime time ordering season and shops will get backed up, try to place your orders as soon as possible. This year I am sending Etsy gifts to my friends who’s first Christmas this is in their new home, engaged, or married.
  4. Plan your holiday greeting card– If you plan to send out a greeting card this year you start to prepare. If you’re taking a photo be sure to set up your appointment and get all details in order. Make sure to order pretty return address labels, stamps, and envelopes beforehand. Minted is a great site to get started on!
  5. Buy your holiday décor- It doesn’t hurt to start stocking up before the holiday rush especially if there are a few specific pieces you have in mind. Online you take the risk of pieces selling out and the stores get so crowded they often turn into huge messes by the time the second week of December rolls around. Browsing unorganized stores can be stressful in itself, save the stress and shop holiday décor early. I love looking HERE, HERE, and HERE for my holiday decor!
  6. Start getting your calendar in order- Start planning out all your days up until the New Year. Make sure all work events, family obligations, and social gatherings are noted. Be sure to mark when you’d like to have your holiday cards sent out, what day you’d like to trim the tree, and have a deadline date for having all your shopping done.

Follow theses six tips and you’re sure to stress less this holiday season! Follow us on Pinterest for more tips and be sure to connect with us on Instagram for holiday giveaways!


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