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How To Give The Perfect Gift


I am a very sentimental person. The friendships I’ve kept over my lifetime are like diamonds to me. When I got married I had twelve bridesmaids and each one just means so much to me. Right after I got married I moved away and being away is so hard for me but I always let my friends and family know I’m thinking about them by sending special treasures their way especially when huge milestones happen in their lives.

When A Friend Gets Engaged- A great gift is something personalized with the bride -to be’s new last name on it. Etsy– is awesome for gifts like this! A gift having to do with the bride’s new bling is also a fabulous idea! Think pretty ring holders or a jewelry cleaning kit.

When A Girlfriend Gets Married- These Champaign Flutes are to die for! It made me feel so special when my girlfriend Jenna used them to celebrate her wedding weekend.

When A Baby Is Announced- I love love love sending baby gifts! Especially when I know the gender of the baby! Of course, girls are more fun to buy for than baby boys. This is one of my favorite girl gifts and these are adorable for baby boys!

When A New Home Is Purchased- This might sound silly but I think an expensive picture frame is always a great gift! It’s just something people don’t usually buy for themselves and it can make such a statement in any room. It’s especially nice when you go to that persons’ house and see the picture frame displayed! Here, here, and here are some of my favorites.

What are some of the best gifts you’ve sent your girlfriends? Comment us on Facebook or down below and let us know!

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