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How To Pack Like A Professional

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I travel a lot, I always have, growing up it was family vacations, now living across the country from all my friends and family I like to travel back home as much as possible, and I often travel with Brian for work. Being someone who can’t repeat an outfit and needs five different lipsticks with her at all times I definitely have packing down to a science.

  • First, I like to write everything out. Where I’m going, the exact dates and days of the week I’ll be there and what I’ll be doing (or think I’ll be doing) on the days I’m there. I’ll then break the days down by morning afternoon and night, so for example on an island trip.



Morning- Breakfast- Sundress, flip-flops (Just got these new flip-flops!)

Workout- Workout- Leggings, Sports Bra, Sneakers (obsessed with these new Sneakers!)

Afternoon- Pool- Bathing Suit, Cover Up, Beach Sandals

Night- Out To Dinner- Dress, Heels


  • I always pack my toiletries next, for toiletries I really like to stick to one medium size hard case to keep all skin care and hair care together (makeup gets packed separately). I always check out the mini size products at Sephora to get travel size versions of my favorite products. This is also a time my beauty samples come in handy, I don’t know about you guys but I literally have shopping bag after shopping bag filled with beauty samples. Traveling is a great time to use some of them up while experimenting with some new products.


  • Next I like to pack my makeup. I pack my makeup in a separate large case. I’m obsessed with all these travel bags, they fit all the makeup I like to travel with (which tends to be a lot). It’s definitely a good idea to utilize your makeup palettes while traveling, they can save some serious space, this one is one of my favorites. I always pack my everyday makeup first and then depending on the outfits I picked out and the looks I’m going for I’ll later add in some statement lipsticks or matching blushes or eye shadows that will help to tie certain looks together.


* Just A Tip – When thinking about what outfits to pack and which pieces to bring I try to stick to a certain color scheme or theme this way I keep shoes, bags, and accessories to a minimum*


  • While picking out your clothes and putting outfits together you think you’d like to bring, put everything in one designated area. I bought this wardrobe rack and I absolutely LOVE IT! It has been A HUGE HELP while putting outfits together and packing. It’s so helpful for everything to be off on its own not mixed up with everything else in your room/closet.


  • Now the fun part! Try everything on! Yes, I’m serious. I know it might sound like a lot, especially if you’re going away for a week or two but it’s so worth it. Things shrink, our weight fluctuates, a pair of pants that you thought you could wear a crop top with might be more on the lower side then you expected and this is not something you want to find out once you get to your destination! I was going to wear this gorgeous sweater dress for Christmas and thank goodness I tried it on, huge hole right on the seam.


how to pack #82 packing im done being selfish


  • Now to get everything you want to bring into your bag. Believe it or not I got the best packing tip ever from my husband, he told me to “roll your clothes”. What?! That sounded so silly to me, but then I tried it! Seriously, your clothes get so tiny; fit together so perfectly, and believe it or not no wrinkles! On a short trip to Miami last year I used this method and was able to pack for a four-day trip using just my carry on.



Any packing tips or flight essentials you can’t travel without? Comment down below! Follow us on Pinterest for more travel tips and be sure to follow us on Instagram for an awesome giveaway coming so soon!


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1 Comment

  1. January 25, 2019 / 3:32 PM

    Great tips. I’m planning a trip in a few weeks and trying to pack efficiently. I’ll definitely use some of these ideas. Thanks!