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I’ll Take A Double

coffee ill take a double


If you don’t know the difference between a Grande and a Venti..then I probably wouldn’t be friends with you #justsaying, but on those days your running late or couldn’t get your eyeliner winged perfectly on the third try…well thats why God created the Keurig. I’m not one to shop on sale racks in public but the comfort (and privacy) of my home computer is a completly different story. Everyone and I mean everyone gets some sort of high from an online deal. So just thought I’d share my online deal of the day. Keurig is offering a free box of K-Cups or Vue-Cups or whatever sort of cup you might need when you buy three boxes. So buy one three get one free and when you sign up as a member (which is also free) you get member discounting automatically, then spend over $45 and get free shipping. Who doesn’t want to start off their morning like that? Just type…


At checkout and your good to go. Now about that winged liner…



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