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Lets Start From The Tan Up

All though you might still be in bed, hung over from this weekends escapades or even worse at work…  If you haven’t noticed it’s like summer which can only mean one of two things:

A) You’ve already cheated seven times your no sugar no carb no starch no gluten diets


B) You’ve already started your tri-weekly tanning regimens

(Because were all smart bitches we already know that this doesn’t mean a tanning bed of any kind, all those lead to is CANCER, LIKE THE ONE I HAD, and extra lines and wrinkles so we can look like grandparents extra early in life…EWW)

After years of searching hundreds of dollars spent and sometimes walking around looking like I had a skin disease I finally found the one:

Rodial Brazilian Airbrush     Brazilian Tan Airbrush

Summer Essentials

It’s the farthest thing from orange ( No Snooki look a likes here), goes on flawlessly, and has a 360 nozzle so the front of your body can match your back 😉 . Its available here —> Rodial Brazilian Tan Airbrush and all though $49 might seem a little steep it usually lasts me over a month and a half and who can put a price on saving their skin and glowing like you just stepped off a jet?!

Happy Spraying!



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