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Luxury Beauty DISCOUNTED Just For Our Readers! Plus an EXCLUSIVE Discount!

done being selfish #49

Being in the beauty industry almost half my life has definitely showed me the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful side of so many different beauty products.

So here at “I’m Done Being Selfish” we wanted to give our readers a look into our favorite beauty products/tools along with a chance to get them at a BEYOND AMAZING deal.

Introducing “I’m Done Being Selfish Beauty”. Yes, we just opened up shop and only have a few dozen products up but unlike other beauty boutiques we want to hear from you!What are some products you want to see from some of the brands we have available? What are some of the other beauty brands you’d love to see in our new shop?

Stay tuned we are going to be running TONS of specials, giveaways, & contests! Be sure to follow us on our new shop Instagram! Check out the new site HERE! And as a thank you to our “I’m Done Being Selfish” readers we have a discount code just for you! Type in “BLOG” at checkout for an extra 10% off these already awesome savings!

We are so excited, there’s so much more to come!!

Comment below, Connect with us on Facebook, Comment us on Instagram, or Tweet us telling us what you love to see in our new beauty shop!



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