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Most Productive Start To Your Week


I don’t know about you, but I need lists and some sort of organization method to get things done or else my mind just wonders and I get caught up scrolling through Instagram for hours on end.

Starting my week off on the right foot sets me up for success for the rest of the week. Whether you follow these steps on a Sunday or Monday really doesn’t matter, it’s all about what works for you and your schedule!

1. Put a load of laundry (best tips HERE) in- First thing I like to do to set the tone for any productive day/ few hours is throw a load of laundry in. It’s something extremely easy and simple that gets things rolling.

2. Make a to-do list- Make a to do list right here of tasks you’d like to get done this week. From sending out thank you cards to people who helped make your birthday special to organizing your jewelry draw, if its something that needs to get done put it on the list. For a great starting point refer to your to-do list from the week before and be sure to include any tasks you didn’t get around to doing.

3. Organize your planner and appointments- Make sure any/all your appointments, meetings, and obligations are all written down in your planner as well as anything that may need to be done to prep for them.

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4. Clean up clutter- After drawing up your to-do lists and getting your planner squared away for the week get up and move around a little. Clean up any clutter that might be laying around, go through the pile of mail on your desk, wash the dishes in the sink. This sets your home up for a productive week with little distractions.

5. Change out all towels– Go around your home to all bathrooms and the kitchen and pick up the towels that were used that week. Swap them with fresh clean towels. At this point your first load of laundry should be clean and ready to put in the dryer or hung up to dry. Put the dirty towels in the washing machine so another load of laundry gets completed.

6. Clean out the fridge- Takeout from Thursday night you know your not going to touch again and the chicken that expired three days ago is doing nothing but taking up space in your fridge. Anything that looks old or is expired throw out. The rest of the items can help you with step seven. I keep my fridge extra fresh with these.

how to productive week schedule

7. Plan meals for the week- Use what is left in the fridge to help you make a meal plan for the week. Meal planning is extremely useful when you’re trying to eat healthy while trying to save money and not eat out or order takeout. I use these to store my prepped food in!

8. Make an online shopping list- Make a list of everything you can buy online. I always stock up on these and these in Amazon Prime. Its usually more cost effective, due to competitive pricing, and easier then buying them in the store. They don’t take up half your cart while your shopping and you don’t have to lug them around the store and out to your car. I also buy my favorite cleaning products such as this and these online.

9. Make an in store shopping list- This is a list usually of fresh foods and groceries you have to buy in store. This list should have your basic healthy foods along with the ingredients needed to complete the meals you planned to make this week.

10. Change and wash your sheets- It’s always nice to have clean fresh sheets on your bed. For me the clean sheets and pillowcases represent the fresh, new, start to a fresh, new week. This is what I wash my sheets with, it gets them clean, helps make them super soft, and more importantly is all natural!

What are some things you like to do to get ready for your week? Comment down below and connect with us on Facebook to let us know!


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