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Must Have Fall Decor


Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. Even more then New Years it’s the best time to reset, make new goals, and just sort of start over. Decorating for Fall and transitioning our home is always so much fun and definitely something I look forward to every year!

Here are some of my favorite Fall must haves-

Candles- I change the scents in my home with the smells of the season. One big way of doing this is with candles. A single candle can help set the mood of an entire room as well as make your home smell delectable. I love dimming the lights lower at night and having a candle lit. It’s something Brian always notices and I feel like it signifies a well-kept home. To make the house smell like I was baking all day this is my favorite candle. For a more sensual scent I’ll light this any day and if you’re looking for a candle a little more luxurious that is sure to make a statement this is your best bet.

Blankets And Throws- Nothing says cozy like a fluffy blanket. I love putting another blanket on our bed and adding throws to our couches. This is by far the BEST comforter I have ever owned, Brian has recently been hogging all of it! This throw from Pottery Barn I received as a gift from my sister-in-law and is definitely my favorite. P.S What a great gift idea!

Fall Wreaths- I love wreaths! There really is nothing that screams “we have transitioned into Fall” more than a big wreath dead center on the front door, but for us, the wreaths don’t stop there. I love putting wreaths in my home as well. There is no need to go crazy with wreaths indoors but one inside on the back door and another hanging on the closet door in the entryway is just perfect. If you can find some that are small enough a few can look cute hanging on your living room windows as well.

New Soaps- As funny as it sounds I love putting new soaps out around the different bathrooms in my home with scents that match the season. This William-Sonoma soap is an all time favorite and this bar soap’s aroma can literally be enjoyed down the hall.

Pumpkins- What’s Fall without pumpkins? There are so many different colors and designs to choose from when buying faux pumpkins and so many different things you can do with real pumpkins, starting with going picking of course! I am obsessed with these velvet pumpkins this year and definitely want to find time to bling out some pumpkins.

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What are your must-have items for Fall? Comment down below to let us know!


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