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My Top Skincare Products


I have to admit I have a ridiculous obsession with skincare products. Ever since I can remember my mom would come tuck me in at night after getting ready for bed, her makeup from the day all off, and her skin glowing. She always had the best night time ritual, and I used to love to study her wash her face, pat it dry so delicately, put serum on, apply cream on her neck and chest, and then eye serum. I couldn’t wait to grow up and have a night time ritual of my own, which is probably why I started wearing eye cream religiously at sixteen years old.

I am terrified of aging and as a makeup artist have learned first hand you can apply an $80 foundation to someone, but if their skin isn’t up to par, well that foundation can only do so much. I have spent hours upon hours researching and thousands of dollars buying and trying everything from drug store brands to high end department store exclusives.

im done beingselfish #97 skincare

These products are those of which have remained a favorite and are staples in my skin care collection.


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Lets start with what might be my most used skin care product of all time, this face wash does everything! My first and most important thing it does is take off all my makeup, and I mean full face of full coverage foundation, black waterproof eyeliner, four coats of mascara and this literally just melts it off, while being super gentle to your eye area. I have combination skin and this face wash does such a great job of balancing it and after I washed and dried my face it always feels super clean without that dry tight feeling. Every year at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale my mom buys me the super size deluxe set and it lasts me through the year!

im done being selfish #97 skincare #3

This isn’t so much a skin care product, but more of a skin care tool. This brush has made such a difference in my skin and my pores! When I first used it I actually broke out the next day, but they say that is normal being all the trapped makeup, dirt, and oil in your skin is being pulled up to the surface, but after that it was smooth sailing from then on. They say this brush removes makeup six times better then your hands alone, experts also say you can expect your skin care products to get down deeper, in turn being more effective then before, and I believe it! I really see such a difference in my skin whenever I use it. This version works the same but doesn’t take up as much counter space and is great for traveling!



If you’ve read “I’m Done Being Selfish” before then your probably aware this is one of my favorite skin care products ever! This is such a gentle yet effective exfoliator. It’s so easy to use and I love the fact that you watch it work right in front of your eyes. A few weeks ago I had just washed it off my face and Annette, my mom, came in the bathroom and said “wow your skin looks so nice!” not even knowing I had done anything to it. You can buy it here or discounted here.

Ok, this may be very stereotypical of me but I just love, love, love, love this cream! It took me forever to finally splurge on it but I’m so glad I did and to be honest it’s lasted me a really long time. I do use it in moderation and often on really hot days switch it out for this, even lighter, Chanel cream. I do want to note that I buy this lighter version, the soft cream, over the original moisturizing cream because the original formula was to heavy for my combination skin and actually made me, and a few other people I know break out. If you want to try it don’t be afraid to ask for a sample and if you do want to purchase it but not completely break the bank just buy the smaller jar and if you purchase it at Nordstrom, wait until you have a reward to use.

I love how I’m jumping from super high end to these eye patches from Amazon. These are one of those products that just helps to prove a product doesn’t have to be expensive to work. These eye patches have saved my eyes on multiple occasions. They have the power to de-puff my under eyes and hide my dark circles like a magic wand. I always pack a few pairs while flying, I always slip them on the morning of a special event, and they are always super handy after a night of drinking or getting too little sleep (I’m usually guilty of one or the other) and being they’re under twenty dollars and have a money back guarantee what do you have to loose, besides those bags under your eyes of course.

No matter how old or young you are, whether your into skin care or not , or what type of skin you have everyone needs a great acne spot treatment. I used to use this one, and Annette sill uses it but I have since discovered this one and it is yet to disappoint me. It’s super easy to apply, just have a cotton swab on hand, and with little to no product waste the bottle should last you at least a year and for just seventeen dollars how can you beat that?

What are some of your favorite skin care products? Comment down below and be sure to follow us on Instagram for a luxury skin care giveaway coming soon!


(This post contains affiliate links, which means we earn a commission of sales and clicks on linked products, however all opinions on all products are our own, and in no way effect you; It just helps us to keep I’m Done Being Selfish’s doors open.)


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  1. September 26, 2018 / 1:22 PM

    I believe everyone should invest in their skin for many reasons plus it has its benefits. So when I came across this post, I was excited to say the least. Ive been needing a new exfoliator and face cream for a while. I have not heard of Peter Thomasroth products but am eager to try now based on your reviews. Thank you for sharing these beauty gems, I cannot wait to try.