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Starting The Tone It Up 31 Day Challenge

Starting The Tone It Up 31 Day Challenge

Ok, so Tone It Up won Bloglovin’s best fitness blog at the Bloglovin Awards this year. I have been a Tone It Up fan since 2011 and have personally seen some amazing results (when I actually stuck with it). After a hectic summer, that included weight gain; I’m finally ready to commit myself to another Tone It Up challenge and this time, share my journey.


So I committed myself, and I’m ready for the Tone It Up 31 Day Challenge starting this Saturday, October 1, 2016. Being I have done other Tone It Up challenges before I knew right off the bat I was going to have to take some steps to prepare myself for success, so I made sure I left myself ample amount of time to get prepared. Here’re some of the steps I took.

I first started by signing up for the challenge on the Tone It Up website- Signing up gets you a starter pack and special E-Mails sent directly to your inbox before and during the duration of the challenge.

Then I printed the starter pack they E-Mailed me- I am one of those people who has to have papers in front of me rather than any sort of digital version.

I added the Daily Workout page to the home screen on my phone- This was super easy (more on how to do that here).

I bookmarked the Browse Workouts and the Weekly Schedule page on my computer- Just to have them there for easy reference.

I printed out the 31 Day Challenge Checklist- Again I need lists I can see touch feel and write notes on.



I looked for new workout clothes on Poshmark- If you’re not on Poshmark what are you waiting for? (Sign up with code JDKXL and get a $5 credit FREE!)

I did a load of laundry with some of my workout clothes and socks in it- Trying to do an inventory of what I have and get all my workout clothes organized.

I made room on my kitchen counter for a spot to keep my 31 Day Challenge supplies- That way they are easily accessible and I’m more likely to use them

I went to Amazon to buy some organizational material- I bought  folders to keep track of the papers I printed, a notebook to track my progress and journal about each day,  and food containers to help me meal prep

I started planning my workouts for this upcoming week- All though the challenge doesn’t start until next week I feel like this is a good time to start to get into the swing of working out again.

(This post contains affiliate links, which means I might earn a percentage of a sale if you click on one, this in no way effects you! Just helps me to keep blogging as my career) 

I will check back in with you guys right before the challenge starts. Wish me luck! Anyone else doing this challenge or have done any in the past? Tweet me to share your results!



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