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The Best Wedding Registry Guide

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I’ll never forget the day I went to do my wedding registry with my mom, I had no idea what I was doing, there were so many decisions to be made! I didn’t know where we would be living after we got married and had no idea what was worth putting on my list. Well fast forward almost three years and four moves later (yes that’s right FOUR moves) a lot of household items have come into and gone out of my life, to say the least, but there are a few things that were on my wedding registry that have just been so useful and helpful, that I just love and I couldn’t imagine not having around the house.

Let’s start off with things that help make cleaning a breeze. This vacuum is so ridiculously powerful! In three years it hasn’t lost any of its power or suction. It’s a must if your moving into a one family home, especially if there’s carpeted areas! This vacuum is made by the same company but is much more compact, easier to take in and out of the closet and is cordless! I cannot believe how powerful this thing is or how many times a day I find myself reaching for it!

Sticking to our housework theme this is a life savor! Its so easy to take in and out of the laundry room and it heats up so quickly that I don’t mind taking the extra minute to get the wrinkles out of my or Brian’s clothes.

Moving onto the kitchen I feel like every girl, whether they bake or not wants one of these, even if it’s just to look pretty on their counter top. I wanted one for so long and was so happy to finally get it! On a side note if there’s any options to request direct shipping to your home use it on this mixer because it is so heavy!

These bowls are great, you can use them as mixing bowls or to serve in! They look great out and are perfect for a BBQ or family dinner.

This I actually didn’t register for but my friend Lauren bought it for me because someone had bought her one for her bridal shower and she loved it so much she wanted me to have one too! This has sat out on the kitchen counter/ kitchen island at all five places I’ve lived, it just adds such a feminine touch and is great to keep baked goods in or display food on when entertaining.

I know, I know you probably have one of these, I had one too, but they change their models so often I registered for the newer one and was so happy I did! It was so nice to move into our new home and have a brand new coffee machine to put in the kitchen.

These towels have held up amazing and are still fluffy! They literally make you feel like your being wrapped in a cloud. I later went on to buy these, these, and these and each one is better then the next and have all held up really well and continue to stay soft!

Now for the bedroom, if you love an organized closet, like I do, these have helped tremendously. They are super thin so you can fit more clothing in your closet (who wouldn’t want that?!) and I love that they all match and give your closet a more cohesive look. Also think about all the extra room your going to need being your going to be sharing a closet with someone! These make it so much easier!

I don’t know about you guys but I have such an obsession with my bed. I need the softest sheets and tons of comfortable pillows. These sheets are amazing! They are so comfortable and super durable. These pillows are the best I registered for these and then ended up buying these and these when we moved into a house and had more bedrooms.


Shop all my recommendations below!

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Is there anything you registered for that you absolutely love or are you looking for more advice on your bridal registry? Comment down below and be sure to follow us on Instagram for a big bridal giveaway coming soon!


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