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The BEST Summer Skincare


Skincare can be tricky especially in the Summer! Between the sun, humidity, hot temperatures, and the fact that we are showing off SO MUCH more of our skin this time of year, it’s really important to find products that actually work!

These are my top picks this year and I don’t know how I’d get through the summer without them!

Let’s start with the products I start my day with…

After my morning cleansing and serum application I use THIS anti-aging cream that helps repair the skin barrier and protect from all the harmful blue light we’re all constantly exposed to!

Then I swipe THIS STICKunder my eyes. It’s formulated with caffeine so it literally “wakes up” your eye area helping you to look more awake! You can also reapply it during the day over your makeup!

If there was one product out of all of these, I had to pick it be THIS ONE. This “sunscreen gel” does so much more then help protect your skin from harmful UVA + UVB rays. Its probiotic formula helps hydrate the skin and prevent water loss while butterfly ginger root help protect against blue light stress (which is HUGE!) because how many hours a day are we all infant of our computers/phones?!


Even though THIS is technically a “lip sleeping mask” I ALWAYS put THIS on in the morning. I’ve been using this for about two years now and It’s definitely one of my most used beauty products! I use it at least three times a day it really helps to keep my lips super moisturized, I even have a few in the travel sizes that way there’s always one in my pocketbook and makeup case.

At the end of the day I’m sure to cleanse very thoroughly with THIS little device. It really helps to get any and all makeup/gunk from the day off my skin and out of my pores. I can see such a difference in my skin from when I use this compared to when I don’t.

After cleansing I always follow up with a serum and THIS ONE is my new favorite! It’s definitely gained a lot of popularity recently and for good reason! Now I only use it two to three times a week because it contains both AHA + BHA acids, which work wonders on exfoliating skin and clearing out pores, BUT can also increase your skin’s sensitivity especially to the sun.

After applying serum I continue with THIS EYE CREAM, THIS moisturizer, and then THIS unbelievably smelling collagen facial oil (that I’m sure to bring all the way down my neck) and then massage it all in with THIS facial tool. This tool vibrates to help stimulate circulation and promote collagen production and is perfect for lymphatic drainage and reducing puffy eyes and dark circles plus its super relaxing especially after a long hot day!

Last but not least I HAVE to mention THIS SCRUB! I have had these awful bumps on the back of my arms since I was like thirteen and THIS is the ONLY thing that has ever helped! And trust me I’ve tried EVERYTHING out there!

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