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Vacation Prep Guide

Packing for your •-2

Whether you’re a week out from a long awaited spring break, your bachelorette you booked last month or a business trip that just popped up, prepping for a trip is stressful, especially if you’ve waited till the last minute. So we put together a day-by-day guide along with travel prep tips and tricks, to help make preparing for your next vacation simple. All while helping you to look and feel your best when you get there.

7 Days Out-

A.M- Get a forty-five minute, intense, hot, and super sweaty, cardio session in. This will get your circulation going and help rev your metabolism for the rest of the week, all while pushing out toxins from your body. Be sure to of course drink plenty of water from this day out! Half your body weight in ounces a day is recommended especially to keep extra pounds at bay.

This should be the last day for any in office procedures. If you’d like to unmask and show off some naturally glowing skin at the beach your regular facial or a Hydrofacial, is a great idea (making sure whatever you’re doing is nothing too dramatic or invasive). If you’re due for filler and want to look your best on your trip (who wouldn’t?) be sure to see your doctor now, but no later, so all swelling has had a chance to go down.

6 Days Out-

A.M- Get to the grocery store nice and early and pick up fresh, protein, fruits, vegetables and some green juices. Get just enough for the next six days so you’re not forced to order in or go through any drive troughs for the rest of the week. This will help you in keeping both your body weight and your bloat down.

Take an inventory of what you have to bring with you. First start off in your closet putting whatever pieces you might be bringing with you together in its own certain section. If you don’t have enough bathing suits(I love this one), you left your favorite cover up (best one EVER!)  at your beach house, or your must wear white jumpsuit has a self-tanner stain on it now is the time to get that squared away. There should be enough time to get that jumpsuit out to the cleaners and a few new wardrobe pieces ordered (hey, they don’t have rush shipping for no reason).

5 Days Out-

A.M- Get another cardio session in. It doesn’t have to be as intense as the first one but cardio mixed with those healthy groceries will help you stay trimmed and toned and give you some room to indulge in extra cocktails around the pool. Be sure you are still drinking that water!

Now it’s time to take an inventory of your toiletries and beauty supplies you’ll need for your trip. I always keep my beauty samples and small beauty goodies aside just for traveling. I always have four or five smaller cosmetic bags ready to go. One of them will contain makeup, another my skincare regimen, another body products such as lotions and self-tanners, another will have hair products in it, and the last beach beauty products (depending on where I’m going of course). I always go through each bag to pick and choose what will be appropriate for my specific destination and get rid of products that are past expiration ESPECIALLY SUNSCREEN!

4 Days Out-

A.M- Put on a hydrating face mask (THIS ONE is available here for a great deal!) and hair mask (two of my favorites here and here). Airplanes are so dehydrating for our entire body! Extreme dehydration can lead to breakouts, dark circles under your eyes, and flaky skin! Who needs that on vacation?

Today is the day to start packing up your main luggage. Narrow down the clothes and accessories (a travel must have here!) you had put aside to bring. Do one last once over making sure they are not ripped or stained. Go over them with a steamer if need be. Make a list of what you have packed up and what still needs to be packed. I roll my clothes like this, to make enough room for everything and so they don’t wrinkle.

3 Days Out-

A.M- Get a quick thirty-five-minute cardio session in. Be sure to keep drinking your water!

Go for a gel manicure and a gel pedicure today. Putting gel polish on your nails ensures a quick dry and no smudging once you leave the salon and lasts much longer than regular polish. Usually, gel polish lasts fourteen days without chipping.

2 Days Out-

A.M- Make or pick up a green juice for breakfast today. This ensures your body has a ton of the vitamin, minerals, and antioxidants it needs, especially if you’ve spent a few nights skimping on sleep due to some online vacation shopping.

Pack up your carry on, your accessories, your toiletries, and your hair tools. Make sure you leave out what you will need until the day of. Make a checklist of what is packed and what still needs to be packed.

1 Day Out-

Today you should get all your travel information together. Print out your tickets; make sure your flight information is correct, be sure to have some cash on you for tipping, as well as all your credit cards and travel documents.

Is it ever a bad day for a great hair day? Go get a fresh blowout and a spray tan. Having great hair helps set any girl up to look and feel her best. Getting a spray tan makes you look leaner while putting your temptation to sit in harmful and aging UVA & UVB rays at bay. Ask the tanning salon for a small travel-friendly bottle to ensure your tan lasts till the very end. This is one of my favorite, travel-friendly, tanners.

Be sure to get plenty of sleep the night before, arrive at the airport three hours prior to your flight, and keep that water handy!

Anything you forgot you can always buy when you get there! Be sure to comment below and connect with us on Facebook to let us know your best vacation prep tips/tricks!


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