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What To Do When You Fall Asleep With Makeup On…


Hey babes! I know I’ve been completely MIA! I’m sorry! I don’t want to sit here and be like “oh well life gets in the way” because believe it or not I still dedicate at least twenty hours a week to the blog and am always thinking about it! I won’t lie for a little while there the comparison game really got to me (more on that another time) but after doing a lot of research I did a complete one eighty and turned comparing into my motivation. So now I’m taking courses and researching even more on how to grow the blog and my social media channels. I’ve also been looking into doing a complete rebranding, and maybe even open a storefront (ahhh!) we’ll see what happens!

So today I want to touch on something that happens a little more then it should for me. Falling asleep with makeup on, yes I’m guilty of this at least three to four times a month. I know, I know its totally one of the most important things you can do for your skin and helps the aging process tremendously. Here’s what I do to try and make up for a nights sleep spent in foundation-

Over All Cleanse- This is to start getting the initial gunk off your face. An oil cleanser, cold cream, or makeup-removing wipe is great for this first step. Remember to go gently especially around your eye area! THIS is my favorite oil cleanser and I’ve been using THIS cold cream for as long as I can remember.

Gentle Cleanser- Next use a gentle cleanser that you know is going to take your more stubborn makeup off. I use THIS cleanser it is an absolute must have! I’ve been using it for years! It’s definitely one of my Holy Grail products!

im done being selfish #176 makeup

Micellar Water- After you cleanse go over your face with a cotton ball (THESE are my fav!) soaked in your favorite micellar water. This will help to get all the last traces of any hard to get makeup off. Repeat this until cotton ball wipes completely clean. THIS is my favorite high-end micellar water and THIS is my favorite drug store version.

Detox Mask- Now to help pull out the gunk deep in pores. THIS cleansing mask is unreal!! Anyone with large pores OMG THIS IS A MUST! I’m OBSESSED!  THIS detox mask is also one of my absolute favorites! Follow directions as stated.

Moisturizing Toner- After washing your detox mask off, gently pat your face dry and go over skin with a moisturizing toner. THIS is one of my favorites.

Hydrating Sheet Mask- Now that all the gunk is out of our pores and off of our skin its time to get some moisture back into our skin. Using a sheet mask or a hydrating mask like THIS one will give your skin the hydration it needs.

Eye Patches – These aren’t necessary but I love THESE eye patches for waking up tired eyes and reducing dark circles.

Serum- After your sheet mask has done its thing, without washing your face, put a drop or two of your favorite serum on your face. THIS is my favorite serum, its super firming and just sort of melts into the skin.

Moisturizer- After your serum sinks in your skin go ahead and put a nice layer of your favorite moisturizer over it. THIS is my Holy Grail cream, it’s worth the price because a little goes a long way!FALL ASLEEP WITH MAKEUP ON 176 2

Eye Cream- I NEVER forget eye cream! I swear I’ve been applying eye cream religiously since I was thirteen years old. I’ve been using THIS ONE for years and always see such a difference in my under eyes when I use it!


As always try to eat extra healthy and get as much water as you can in throughout the day (this helps to restore and hydrate your skin from the inside)!

Do you have any special products or tricks you like to do after a night slept in your makeup? Comment down below! Or Tweet us!


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