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Your Complete Guide To The Perfect Wedding Registry

im done being selfishh #80A wedding registry? Is it necessary? We think so! For the shower, your bridesmaids (AKA your mom) will throw you, for the people who want to bring an actual gift to the wedding, for your cousin in LA who’s finals just so happen to be that week. Here are a few of our top tips for your registry.

Shop Around-

So many stores and websites are offering registry programs now and because there are so many options available things have gotten a bit competitive. At Macy’s there are a ton of bonus gift incentives where if enough items from a certain company are purchased you will receive a special gift item from that company in the mail after your wedding. A lot of stores also give special discount rates you can use after your special day toward completing your registry. William Sonoma gives 10% off up until six months after your event!

Stay Classic And Neutral-

I registered three years ago and I’ve moved three times since then. The “shabby chic” dinnerware I registered for went perfectly with the apartment I was living in at the time and I could get away with it in the rental home we were in for a year but it in no way shape or form fits the new house we are looking to buy. I registered for beautiful Monique Lhuillier china outlined in all metallic silver and matching crystal stemware, also lined in metallic silver to go with it, too bad I want our new formal dining room to be black and gold. If I just would have got the plain crystal stemware I could have saved this mistake that has such a large price tag attached.

Don’t Register For Things You Could Easily Buy Yourself-

If something is $30 and you know you can buy it at any time at six different stores leave it off! Try going for pricier, more luxurious pieces you know you’ll have for years to come. If you don’t think friends or family will want to spend the money for your pricier pieces, they can always chip in with others or just get you a gift card to help you complete your registry.

Don’t Leave Bedroom/Linen Items Out-

I LOVE the duvet set my aunt bought me off my registry! Even if it doesn’t always match our master bedroom I can always put it in one of our guest rooms. When we moved (right after we got married) and we were setting our new home up the thing I needed in every bedroom was pillows! I was so happy I had registered for so many pillows I swear you can never have enough. I also LOVE the ridiculously comfortable $500 sheets I know I would never buy for myself but definitely didn’t mind receiving as a gift.

Use The Lists Provided –

There’s a reason almost every website you can register on has checklists, USE THEM! Now obviously you may not need everything on every list, especially if you’re already living together, or have been off on your own for a while. So start by taking an inventory of what you both have, cross things off and work from there. Make one big checklist that will cover everything you want/need from all stores/websites and then you can break your big list up from there.

Register For More Than You Need –

This definitely helps out your friends and family that are buying you gifts. Different people will be shopping your registry for different price points, some people like to give gifts that they would buy for themselves, and others may want to give a big gift with a small accessory with it. Having a bigger selection will help cover more areas making it easier for your guests to shop for you.

Register In Person-

It was so fun registering!! I went with my mom to Macy’s to pick out the bulk of my stuff including all my expensive china and crystal (she knew exactly what she was doing). I knew William Sonoma would be more fun for kitchen gadgets so I made sure Brian, came with me and got to pick out some items he wanted too. I also took Brian to Bed Bath And Beyond so he could help pick out which pillows he wanted and what duvet he preferred.

Register Online As Well-

When William Sonoma didn’t have the waffle maker Brian wanted and Bed Bath And Beyond didn’t have the size duvet cover we needed in stock, we took to their websites to help us out. We ended up finding much more than they had in stock in their stores and a lot more size/color options for things we had picked out on their websites, which made things much more convenient.

What are some of your tips you would give someone registering? Tweet us and let us know!


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